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About Us

Founded in 1993, Morex AB, (previously Memorex Telex Sweden AB.)
Morex is an exceptional multi vendor sales and support company for major IT manufacturers including HP, Overland, Tandberg, Dell, Atempo and Quest and have done business for over 18 years. We specialise in storage systems such as SAN, NAS ,Backup and Archiving with products from Equallogic, Networker, NetVault, BackupExec, LiveBackup, MMIR and more. Morex are privately owned and are committed to building on the investment and success to deliver solutions that improve the reliability and performance of our customer’s storage infrastructure. With our expert consulting, support services and our first class customer service, which is the fundamental part of our business, Morex can help organisations lower their costs optimise revenue and manage risk within the infrastructure.

Why Morex

We pride ourselves on our customer relations, we understand that no business is the same and have different views and procedures, it is for those reasons our services are tailored to the customers every need.


Morex are committed to providing first class customer service and meeting every support requirements, which is why our retention rate is above and beyond 95%.


Over 18 Years Experience

Founded in 1993, Morex adapted to the fast change of technology to deliver outstanding consulting and support services.


As an independent service provider, Morex main focus is to provide the highest quality of service.



Morex an independent service provider supporting multi-platforms, can support all the customers servers, which range from legacy systems to new technology. Nordic countries supported and one central office we can act as a one stop shop for all the customers support needs.

We allow organisations to consolidate their data centre, network and support needs from a single point of contact. With stocking depots all across the Nordics. Morex are easily able to place “like for like” systems and parts very close to customers sites that can help optimise, secure and manage risk in their IT infrastructure. Cost Effective



Providing outstanding consulting, support and customer services we aim to minimise organisations cost and increase productivity significantly to help them carry on with the everyday running of their business. By providing the client with a single point of contact to support and manage organisations infrastructure we can reduce cost while still providing a superior service. Tailoring to the unique needs of the customer can also eliminate any unwanted costs and will save companies a great deal every year.



With our first class service system "SOS"; we are able to log calls and monitor and escalate the status of their calls.  



Morex technical knowledge across both hardware and software allows us to
deliver innovative solutions to meet all of the customer's requirements. Our engineering skills set us apart and give us leverage when we are providing our customers with a 5-star service.



Contact Information

Head office
Morex / Shibuya
Frösundaviks Allé 1
169 70 SOLNA

Post address

Morex c/o Shibuya Crossing AB
Box 3015
169 03 SOLNA,


Phone number

Office....................................+46 8 980 980

Sales...................................+46 8 980 980

Service/Support.....................+46 8 446 58 30

Finance................................+46 8 980 980